A female Warlock.

Warlock is a dark caster who is able to casts a wide range of various skills as well as with the ability to leech the opponents life energy  with this curser's staff and the command of the elemental powers he brings fear to his enemies souls in battle.

Warlock is avaliable to Wizards alone. As with all classes, the first time you change into this class you will be reset to level 1.

Warlock Trial

To unlock the ability to change your class to a Warlock, you must complete the [Battle at Rampart] story quest, Doing so gives you the right to take the Warlock Trial quest given to you by Carius in the [Elrond Castle TownClass Change Temple. To complete this quest and unlock the Warlock class, you must defeat Four Warlocks. Upon completing these requirements you may report back to Carius to unlock the ability to change freely into the Warlock class.

WARNING - All items will be unequipped and you will be reset to level 1. However, you may change back to your Wizard by opening the menu and selecting class change, and choosing your respective class. Warlock items will be unequipped in the process and you will have to equip your previous class respective items.

Class Skills

Skill Level Type Skill CT Power MP Effect Information Transferable
2 Mag Drain 5-20 Seconds 175 18 Y
3 Buff Dark Gospel 24-30 Seconds n/a 24 N
4 Buff Death Cloth 1 Minute n/a 18 N
6 Poison Armor Break 7 Seconds n/a 12 Y
7 Mag Ice Breath 20 Seconds 42*6 24 Y
7 Sleep Curses Sleep 2 Min - 70


n/a 66
10 Mag Mega Drain 5 Seconds 320 30 N
15 Poison Sword Break 9 Seconds n/a 12 Y
20 Mag Ice Blaze 20 Seconds 80*7 46 Y
29 Mag Thunder Break 40-25 Seconds 340 39 Y
1 Mag Dark Ritual n/a - - N

Stat Boosts

Skill Level Name/Effect Active on other classes?
5 Max MP + 10 Yes
8 INT + 20 Yes
12 Warlock's Arts 1 (INT + 20) Warlock-only
16 DEF + 50 Yes
18 Max MP + 20 Yes
22 Warlock's Arts 2 (MND + 20) Warlock-only
24 Warlock's Arts 3 (INT + 20) Warlock-only
26 Warlock's Arts 4 (MND + 20) Warlock-only
28 Warlock's Arts 5 (VIT + 20) Warlock-only
29 INT + 40 Yes