Just a foreword: I am not claiming to have invented or been the first to use these techniques, but I've grown rather fond of creating blogs about interesting fighting styles in various games that I've played. I might move this into a main page later once I've got a better idea of how I want to lay it out.

Non-specific class techniques

Outside Healing

Most players will have discovered that they can cast certain buffs or support magic on people outside of their party, and you've likely enjoyed going around healing or buffing random players that you've run across. "Outside healing" refers to a particular instance of this where a player (most commonly a bishop) supports another party of players engaged in a tough battle by constantly healing them from outside. While this is easy enough when you are only supporting one player, supporting four (or even more in certain rare cases) players can get troublesome for a number of reasons:

  • Tapping on a player to heal can occasionally fail
  • Players are clustered too closely together

Obviously, the easiest solution is to ask the party of players to spread out so the healer has an easier time tapping on the person they want to heal -- but it's possible to go one step further and bypass this entirely: use the friend-or-foe targeter icon underneath your own status bars to select your target. Doing so gives you a couple of key advantages:

  • Once you're targeting the right player, you can heal them by tapping on their blue HP bar that's displayed when you're targeting them
  • If you lock onto the right player before using your heal spells, you will continue to track that player after your heal is executed, so you don't need to repeat the scanning process
  • You can scan the whole party's health by rapidly tapping on the player icon to rapidly switch between players (this can let you quickly identify who has the monster's attention if they're too busy to tell you)

Class-specific techniques

Dragon Buster: Multicasting

Most Dragon Buster players will have noticed that every time they use any buster magic, all of their buster moves go into lockdown while the skill they just used is cooling down. EKO's battle mechanics have gone through various updates and modifications throughout the game, but right now, it's possible to cast multiple spells before the cooldown kicks in. To do so, you need to tap on a series of other spells before your first one executes, but you also need to have the correct timing: tapping too quickly will cause the spells to jam up. Vital Breath in particular can be "held" and cast later if used alongside this technique. Both Vital Breaths can also be cast one after another if a player is in desperate need of heals.

Please use this technique with caution: excessive usage causes your MP bar to drain very quickly, which is one of the key reasons this was not posted in the beginner's tips section.

(On a side note, anyone who knows me from Star Warfare probably wouldn't be surprised that I'd be writing about this particular technique...)

Elemental Knights Online Multicasting Buster Spells00:31

Elemental Knights Online Multicasting Buster Spells

Multicasting Buster Spells

Elemental Knights Online Multicasting Buster Heals00:44

Elemental Knights Online Multicasting Buster Heals

Multicasting Buster Heals

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