NOTE: This blog applied for the old stats prior to July 25 2014. Gold and silver hammers no longer behave like this, although the stats seem to move in the same way if you compensate for the decimal movement.

Calculating Equipment Stats

  • Current stats = Base stats x (1 + Forge Level %) + Bonus Points
  • Decimals are rounded down
  • 1 bonus point awarded at L25 and L50

Hammers (no longer applicable)

  • Silver hammers forge exactly 10% of one level
  • Gold hammers forge in multiples of 100% (full levels). Will cause forge level to rise until next stat rise.
    • Gold hammers are also halted by the bonus points at L25 and L50. Therefore, it's best to hit-forge the equipment until it's L25 before applying gold hammers.

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