Cosplay organised by what I'm pricing them at.  If I've put up a post in a thread as a discount, please quote the thread and post number if they differ from here so I can confirm what I wrote.

To view by event or for details on appearance, check User blog:Undead.exe/Cosplay (by event).


Ghost Obakey  (1)
Raijin Mask (1)
Raijin Mask Perfect (1)
Pirate Eyepatch Black/White/Red/Blue/Yellow (1 ea)
WT/BK Sheep Horn I/II (1 ea)
WT/BK Sheep Horn III (2 ea)

Skull Candy L (1)
Devil Candy L (1)
Round Candy White R (1)
Round Candy Black R (1)
WishStar Wand R (1)
Anchor Axe R (1)
Temperance Axe (1)
StarMetal Shield L (1)
Raijin Conch R (1)
Fujin Conch L (1)

Bat Gear + Bat Wing Grey/Black/Red/Violet (1 per set)
Hakuya + Inori + Tataki (1 mag for set of 3 R-hand weapons)


SingleeyeMask C (1)
Star Stone (2)
Snow Puyon Orange/Green (1 ea)
Puyon Cannon Pink/Blue/Green (1 ea)
Pirate Cannon (1)

King Crab Claw R (1)
Big Lotus Leaf R (1)

Air Sack (1)
SnowDaruman XZ (1)


Well Ghost B/C (5000)
Lotus Fairy Purple/Blue (5000)

Sheep Fighter/Thief/Cleric/Magiknight (1000)
Genuontheus R (5000)
Boss Lantern R (5000)

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