This is a gallery on most of the items I've had stock of at one point.

Please note that I may no longer have some of these items on stock. To what items I still have in stock and what prices I'm selling them at, check User blog:Undead.exe/Cosplay (by price).

Store Cosplay


R-Hand: Genuotheus

New Year's 2015 (Melancholy of the Shephard)

15-01 Horns

Head: WT Sheep Horn (I, II, III)
Head: BK Sheep Horn (I, II, III)

15-01 Weapons

R-Hand: Hakuya, Inori, Tataki

15-01 Sheep

Sheep representing all classes (minus Warlock)

Christmas 2014 (Two witches and the Night of Shooting Stars)

14-12 Wiz

Male and Female versions differ

Top: WizMastery Wear
Bottom: WizMastery Boots
L-Hand: WizFly Gear
Shoulder: WizNight Coat

14-12 Snow

Shoulder: SnowDarumer XZ
R-Hand: SnowSeal Hammer

14-12 Snowmen

Head: MrSnow (Normal, Adorn, Evolve)

14-12 Stars

Head: Santa Star (Yellow, Blue, Green, Red)

Pumpkin Carnival Series (Oct 2014)

14-10 Batgear

Four colours (grey not shown)

Head: BatGear (Red, Black, Violet)
Shoulder: Bat Wing (Red, Black, Violet)

14-10 Candy

L Hand: Skull Candy, Devil Candy
Hands: Round Candy White L + R, Round Candy Black L + R

14-10 Pumpkin

Head: PumpkinCandle (Orange, Red, Green, Pink)

Spectre Series (Aug 2014)

14-08 Mask Lantern

Head: Singleeye Mask (A, B, C)
L-Hand: Twins Lantern L
R-Hand: Twins Lantern R
R-Hand: Boss Lantern

14-08 Ghost Sleeve

Head: Ghost (Obakey, Raypin)
Hands: Spectre Sleeves (L, R)

14-08 Well Mosquito

Head: Well Ghost (A, B, C)
Head: Mosquito Coil

Star Stone Series (June 2014)

14-06 Star

Head: Star Stone, Wing Star, Starlight Soul, Starshadow Soul
R-Hand: WishStar Wand
L-Hand:StarMetal Shield

14-06 Cannon Anchor

Head: Puyon Cannon (Blue, Pink, Green), Pirate Cannon
R-Hand: Anchor Axe

14-06 Blades

Back: Blades (Leaf, Aqua, Flare)

Fujin/Raijin Series (April 2014)

14-04 Mask

Head: Fujin Mask, Fujin Mask Perfect, Raijin Mask, Raijin Mask Perfect

14-04 Child Conch Sack

Head: Fujin Child, Raijin Child
L-Hand: Fujin Conch
R-Hand: Raijin Conch
Shoulder: Air Sack

Miraculous Sakura Series (Mar 2014)

14-03 Sakura

Head: Tengu Hat, Tengu Mask
Hands: Sakura Dart L, Sakura Dart R

Pirate Series (August 2013)

13-08 Eyepatch Axe

Head: Pirate Eyepatch (Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow)
R-Hand: Temperance Axe

13-08 CrabClaw Shield

Hands: KingCrabClaw L + R
Hands: QueenCrabClaw L + R
L-Hand: Stable Shield

Non-Ranked Series

Gnaw Moon Peach <peach in mouth>
Snow Puyon Orange/Green <puyons with green Xmas hats>
Lotus Fairy Purple/Blue

Big Lotus Leaf <lilypad on a stalk>

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