So I'm sure that most players will have developed certain ideas and strategies about grinding rond and potions quickly, but I've been toying with a little idea for a while. When most people form hunting parties, it's usually because everyone is going for the same quest, or to encourage cooperation rather than competition (very evident if you're hunting for Sinnamon). In either case though, all the party members are usually targeting the same monsters.

But I've been thining for a while now: you can only do a quest as fast as its monsters respawn. Past a certain point, it doesn't matter how quickly you're killing them: even if you're annihilating a monster within three seconds, you might still need to wait 5 minutes for them to respawn. So that being the case, you can only complete that quest every 5 minutes at best -- it makes no difference whether you use one player to kill all the required enemies in 2 minutes, or use all four of your party members to kill them all within 30 seconds.

So assuming that people are already hitting that maximum efficiency...why aren't people trying to target two quests at the same time? You could have half your party focusing on a "Kill __ number of __ monsters" quest, while the other half is focusing on a "Get __ number of drops" in the same area. What would then happen is that you're fulfilling the requirements for two different quest rewards in the same amount of time.

That being said, there are a few challenges that I can think of off the top of my head:

  • Distance: if one of them is a drop quest, then the party members can't spread out too far, or else some people won't be getting the drops due to the "range of participation" Winlight introduced a few weeks ago.
  • Income rates, walking distance and delays: while the idea sounds good on paper, you'd also need to factor in the time you'd need to report and retake both quests. While it may sound negligible, the extra walking distance may eat into the overall rond-per-minute rate (obviously, speed boots would help, but you might want to save those for other activities) idea to toy around with at any rate. Not too many people come by this wiki, but if you've happened to come across this post, might be worth thinking about (even if you're not an EKO player -- might work in other games too).

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