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    January 21, 2016 by Undead.exe

    1 1.13 1.5 2 3

    Anchor Ax

    Bat Gear + Wing [Grey, Red, Violet, Black]

    Donut [Choco, Ichigo, Milk, Mocha]

    Grad Hat

    Inori, Hakyua, Tataki

    Pirate Eyepatch [White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow]

    Raijin Mask

    Snow Darumer

    Tanuki Set, Fox Ax, Tanuki Brush

    Temperance Ax

    WishStar Wand, Wing Star, StarMetal Shield

    WizMastery Set + Wiznight Cloak

    Wonder Rod [Blue, Red]

    Lovers of meteor [Blue, Pink, Violet]

    Mr Hikoboshi + Miss Orihime

    Santa Star [Red, Blue, Yellow, Green]

    Branch Glove L

    Donut [Choco, Milk]


    Lotus Fairy [Purple]

    Pirate Eyepatch [White, Red, Blue, Yellow]

    Puyon Cannon [Pink/Blue]

    Queen Crab Claw R

    Singleeye Mask [C/Red]

    Snow Darumer

    Snow Puyon [Orange]

    Wish ornaments

    WizIce Hat

    Wiznight Cloak + WizFly Gear

    Air Sack

    Branch Glove R+L

    Donut [Choco, Ichigo, Milk, Mocha…

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  • Undead.exe


    March 12, 2015 by Undead.exe

    Bits and pieces of screenshot/editing boredom that I felt like putting up here.

    Make a scene, people!

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  • Undead.exe

    Cosplay (by event)

    January 5, 2015 by Undead.exe

    This is a gallery on most of the items I've had stock of at one point.

    Please note that I may no longer have some of these items on stock. To what items I still have in stock and what prices I'm selling them at, check User blog:Undead.exe/Cosplay (by price).

    Gnaw Moon Peach
    Snow Puyon Orange/Green
    Lotus Fairy Purple/Blue

    Big Lotus Leaf

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  • Undead.exe

    Regen Notes

    December 29, 2014 by Undead.exe

    Class HP (Max HP x 5% per ~10 secs) MP (17 mp per 10 secs)
    Fighter 43 17

    Wizard 25 17

    Guardian 62


    Warlock 29 17



    Buster (Wiz) 31 17

    Saber (Wiz)

    25 (Without Neo Head, 510 max)

    30 (With Neo Head, 610 max)

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  • Undead.exe

    Cosplay (by price)

    November 9, 2014 by Undead.exe

    Cosplay organised by what I'm pricing them at.  If I've put up a post in a thread as a discount, please quote the thread and post number if they differ from here so I can confirm what I wrote.

    To view by event or for details on appearance, check User blog:Undead.exe/Cosplay (by event).


    Ghost Obakey  (1)
    Raijin Mask (1)
    Raijin Mask Perfect (1)
    Pirate Eyepatch Black/White/Red/Blue/Yellow (1 ea)
    WT/BK Sheep Horn I/II (1 ea)
    WT/BK Sheep Horn III (2 ea)

    Skull Candy L (1)
    Devil Candy L (1)
    Round Candy White R (1)
    Round Candy Black R (1)
    WishStar Wand R (1)
    Anchor Axe R (1)
    Temperance Axe (1)
    StarMetal Shield L (1)
    Raijin Conch R (1)
    Fujin Conch L (1)

    Bat Gear + Bat Wing Grey/Black/Red/Violet (1 per set)
    Hakuya + Inori + Tataki (1 mag fo…

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