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    Wizard skill demonstrations

    February 7, 2015 by S4Phone

    A demonstration of a tank/speed-cast build for Wizard class on Elemental Knights Online: the WORLD.

    Skills are, respectively: Class Burst Skill, Firebolt lv. 1, Thunder Blast lv. 1, Frost Strike lv. 1, Drain lv. 1 (Warlock Transfer Skill), Knock (Filler/Feint Attack Skill).

    I apologize for the poor quality.

    In this demonstration, I shocased each elemental skill, each doing a different amount of damage. Usually, damage increases on the top row as you move across it. This method of battle doesn't necessarily kill them quick as a couple other classes, but it uses very little MP, especially for how much Wizards normally drain. It also fills your burst very quickly, and keeps you well stocked on HP the entire battle, without any problem. Wizards a…

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  • S4Phone

    Eswick/Haelos' Gear Shop

    January 12, 2015 by S4Phone

    For all items, make initial offer. The price is pretty negotiable on all of it.

    [R] Thaumaturge Hat (Warlock Hat Lv24)

    [R] Thaumaturge Wear (Warlock Top Lv24)

    [R] Thaumaturge Hose (Warlock Bottom Lv24)

    [EX] Mehe Stone (All Lv1)

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  • S4Phone

    Eswick/Haelos' Cosplay Shop

    January 12, 2015 by S4Phone

    All items are up for any offer over 1.5k. 

    If you want to low end it, that's fine. If you think what you're getting is worth more, that's fine.

    Santa Star RD x2

    Santa Star GR x2

    Santa Star YE x1

    Sheep Gaurdner x1

    Sheep Edge x2

    Choco Sword YE x1

    Choco Shield BL x1

    Choco Shield PI x1

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