Classimg thief

Thief is the name for this fighter class capable of unleashing a fury of attacks. With dagger in hand, deft movements and one crucial stroke bury their foes. The potential for a death blow compensate any lack in defense!

Fulfil the requirements to gain access to advanced classes...

▼Conversion Classes
Assassin - Monk - Dragon Buster - Dragon Saber - Dragon Lancer

Class Skills

Skill Level Skill Power MP Effect Information Transferable
2 Feint Attack 3 dmg 0 A low damage attack that can be repeatedly chained to build the Burst gauge. N
2 Sneak Attack Auto attack x1.25-1.4 (x1 on transfer) 4 Part of any thief's surprise attack repertoire. Shock your enemy with a swift and deep stab. Y
2 Thief Trick Lv1 - 8 Atk+4, Def-8 A dagger trick of a thief focused on battle. While concentrating on the attack defense temporarily lowers. N
5 Gale Array - 9 Duel art of the thief who never gives the chance of counterattack. Can be used both on self and on friends. N
7 Seal Blitz 20 Temporarily cast curse on enemy that seals skills. Y
10 Vital Blow Auto attack x3 (x2 on transfer) 16 Precisely pierce the enemy's vital spot for high damage. Considerable training is required to be able to sense your foe's weakness! Y
15 Phantom 0 The thief's shadow hypnotizes its target. Useful when surrounded by enemies. Careful not to attack sleeping foes lest they awaken. Y
20 Thief Trick Lv2 - Atk+20, Def-40 N
- Air Stinger - Elemental Burst. Dark wind inflicts damage and poisons enemy. N
1 フェイクデス(Fake Death) - 20 Enemies stop attacking Player lies on ground feigning death. Enemies will stop attacking until effect wears off or player moves or attacks. N

Stat Boosts

Skill Level Effect Transferrable
4 Atk+5 Y
8 Max HP+10 Y
12 Thief's Arts 1 (Atk+3, Def+2) N
16 Def+5 Y
18 Max HP+20 Y
22 Thief Arts 2 (Agi+20) N
24 Thief Arts 3 (Str+20) N
26 Thief Arts 4 (Dex+20) N
28 Thief Arts 5 (Agi+20) N
30 Atk+100 Y

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