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3. Push green "Publish" button

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2. Write your message at the bottom of the editor box (below the previous user's post)
3. Push green "Publish" button

Protip: Always try to add your signature (click the "signature button" or type four tildes (squigglies) at the end of your message before hitting "Publish").

New Classes

Alright. I've done two of the six necessary classes. However, since not all my characters can become these classes I am in a slight predicament, and could use some help getting images - or some time to do so. Namely, the classes I need images of are: Warlock and Bishop. If anyone feels the need to change the images on Magiknight or Guardian feel free to.

I'll make this a Community Message so that all the visitors get a notice that we need Warlock and Bishop pics.

Lox Lain 02:04, February 2, 2012 (UTC)

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