"The pulse of a dragon runs through a body whose spear can pierce the same dragon scale." -Susskind

Able to pierce through dragon scale, the lancer is indomitable.

Lvl1 lancer

A female Dragon Lancer in L1 gear.

The Dragon Lancer is a class available to all base classes; Fighter, Thief, Cleric and Wizard. There is a prerequsite of being LEVEL 9 (raised from Lv2 as of May 17 2012) in your base class. As with all classes, the first time you change into this class you will be reset to level 1.

Susskind, the Dragon Lancer Master

Dragon Lancer Quests

To become a Dragon Lancer, you must speak with Susskind, the Dragon Lancer Master. He is in the Dragonoid Camp in the South-West corner of Ateria Plains (N).

Susskind is at the bottom of the hill standing next to Yonan, the Dragonoid Clan Elder

He will give you two quests to prove you are worthy and able to become a Dragon Lancer.

Dragon Lancer Qualification Test
Defeat three Mime Puyon L11

Reward: 2400xp, Training Lance

Dragon Lancer Trial
Defeat three Lil Ignis L3
Reward: Dragon Lancer Class change rights

Upon completing these requirements you may report back to Susskind to unlock the ability to change freely into the Dragon Lancer class.

WARNING - All items will be unequipped and you will be reset to level 1. However, you may change back to your base class by opening the menu and selecting class change, and choosing your respective class. Dragon Lancer items will be unequipped in the process and you will have to equip your previous class respective items.

After becoming a Dragon Lancer, you should speak to Farad, who is to Susskind's right, to begin your training.

Class Skills

Skill Level Skill Power MP Effect Information Transferable
1 Sonic Impale Lv1 120 13 Damage 1 enemy. Strike enemy with lightning-based thrust for damage. N
3 Blaze Thrust Lv1 120 18 Damage 1 enemy. Strick enemy with fire-based thrust for damage. N
4 Pole Crush Lv1 33 22 Damage 1 enemy. Swift strike to enemy with blunt part of weapon for damage. Y
5 Scale Shield - 13 +15 HP, +5 Def for 10mins Dragon aura temporarily raises target to Max HP & DEF. N
6 Dragon Rage - 13 +10% Atk but -30% Def for 1min. Dragon aura raises ATK but lowers DEF. N
8 Dragon Stance - 13 -30% Atk but +10% Def for 1min. Dragon aura raises DEF but lowers ATK. N
10 Grand Charge 29 Strike enemy with earth-based thrust for damage. Y
15 Sonic Impale Lv2 48 N
20 Blaze Thrust Lv2 66 N
25 Pole Crush Lv2 84 Y
30 Max Impulse 105 Y
- Dragon Javelin 100 - Damage 1 enemy and cause paralysis. Spirited attack inflicts damage and paralyzes enemy. N

Stat Boosts

Skill level Name/Effect Active on other classes?
5 Max HP+10 Yes
9 ATK+50 Yes
12 DLancer Arts STR+20 No
16 DEF+50 Yes
18 Max HP+20 Yes
22 DLancer Arts VIT+20 No
24 DLancer Arts STR+20 No
26 DLancer Arts VIT+20 No
28 DLancer Arts STR+20 No
30 ATK+100 Yes

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