Colkia village


A small village with several merchants who sell up to L29 weapons and armor for all classes, including the three Dragon classes. There are also officers for each of the six advanced classes. Almost all of the other villagers give quests.

Note: The south exit is incorrectly labelled on the mini-map as Colkia Village when it should be Colkia Plains. This should be updated soon.

Notable NPCs

  • Recovery potion seller -
  • Base job Weapon seller (Lv -29) - Left
  • Base job Armor seller (Lv -29 ) - Left
  • Dragon Buster Weapon and Armor Seller (Lv -29) - Right
  • Dragon Lancer Weapon and Armor Seller (Lv -29) - Right
  • Dragon Saber Weapon and Armor Seller (Lv -29) - Right


Connected Areas

Colkia Plains

  • South

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