• Undead.exe


    January 21, 2016 by Undead.exe

    1 1.13 1.5 2 3

    Anchor Ax

    Bat Gear + Wing [Grey, Red, Violet, Black]

    Donut [Choco, Ichigo, Milk, Mocha]

    Grad Hat

    Inori, Hakyua, Tataki

    Pirate Eyepatch [White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow]

    Raijin Mask

    Snow Darumer

    Tanuki Set, Fox Ax, Tanuki Brush

    Temperance Ax

    WishStar Wand, Wing Star, StarMetal Shield

    WizMastery Set + Wiznight Cloak

    Wonder Rod [Blue, Red]

    Lovers of meteor [Blue, Pink, Violet]

    Mr Hikoboshi + Miss Orihime

    Santa Star [Red, Blue, Yellow, Green]

    Branch Glove L

    Donut [Choco, Milk]


    Lotus Fairy [Purple]

    Pirate Eyepatch [White, Red, Blue, Yellow]

    Puyon Cannon [Pink/Blue]

    Queen Crab Claw R

    Singleeye Mask [C/Red]

    Snow Darumer

    Snow Puyon [Orange]

    Wish ornaments

    WizIce Hat

    Wiznight Cloak + WizFly Gear

    Air Sack

    Branch Glove R+L

    Donut [Choco, Ichigo, Milk, Mocha…

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  • Undead.exe


    March 12, 2015 by Undead.exe

    Bits and pieces of screenshot/editing boredom that I felt like putting up here.

    Make a scene, people!

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  • LesBonTempsRouler

    Dear Reader,

    This is a gallery of tradable cosplay that was available in the EKO shop for a limited time. Some of the sets included a random item that varied in colour/style.

    -editor of Ellerond Magazine

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  • LesBonTempsRouler

    Dear Reader,

    This is a gallery of tradable cosplay obtained from prior events. Check out the forums for affordable fashion. 

    -editors of Cosplaypolitan Magazine

    == Valentines

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  • S4Phone

    Wizard skill demonstrations

    February 7, 2015 by S4Phone

    A demonstration of a tank/speed-cast build for Wizard class on Elemental Knights Online: the WORLD.

    Skills are, respectively: Class Burst Skill, Firebolt lv. 1, Thunder Blast lv. 1, Frost Strike lv. 1, Drain lv. 1 (Warlock Transfer Skill), Knock (Filler/Feint Attack Skill).

    I apologize for the poor quality.

    In this demonstration, I shocased each elemental skill, each doing a different amount of damage. Usually, damage increases on the top row as you move across it. This method of battle doesn't necessarily kill them quick as a couple other classes, but it uses very little MP, especially for how much Wizards normally drain. It also fills your burst very quickly, and keeps you well stocked on HP the entire battle, without any problem. Wizards a…

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  • Xander69

    Gear Store

    January 29, 2015 by Xander69

    SR jild globe R hand monk = 15k

    SR jild dagger R hand thief = 15k

    SR+ doom impale R hand lancer = 15k

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  • Xander69

    Cosplay Gallery

    January 27, 2015 by Xander69

    Sweat heart set valentine 2015

    Bitter heart set valentine 2015

    Akeome A

    Akeome B

    Santa suit 2013 black

    Chicken set yellow

    Unkai kimono & Hanabi


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  • S4Phone

    Eswick/Haelos' Gear Shop

    January 12, 2015 by S4Phone

    For all items, make initial offer. The price is pretty negotiable on all of it.

    [R] Thaumaturge Hat (Warlock Hat Lv24)

    [R] Thaumaturge Wear (Warlock Top Lv24)

    [R] Thaumaturge Hose (Warlock Bottom Lv24)

    [EX] Mehe Stone (All Lv1)

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  • S4Phone

    Eswick/Haelos' Cosplay Shop

    January 12, 2015 by S4Phone

    All items are up for any offer over 1.5k. 

    If you want to low end it, that's fine. If you think what you're getting is worth more, that's fine.

    Santa Star RD x2

    Santa Star GR x2

    Santa Star YE x1

    Sheep Gaurdner x1

    Sheep Edge x2

    Choco Sword YE x1

    Choco Shield BL x1

    Choco Shield PI x1

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  • Undead.exe

    Cosplay (by event)

    January 5, 2015 by Undead.exe

    This is a gallery on most of the items I've had stock of at one point.

    Please note that I may no longer have some of these items on stock. To what items I still have in stock and what prices I'm selling them at, check User blog:Undead.exe/Cosplay (by price).

    Gnaw Moon Peach
    Snow Puyon Orange/Green
    Lotus Fairy Purple/Blue

    Big Lotus Leaf

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  • Undead.exe

    Regen Notes

    December 29, 2014 by Undead.exe

    Class HP (Max HP x 5% per ~10 secs) MP (17 mp per 10 secs)
    Fighter 43 17

    Wizard 25 17

    Guardian 62


    Warlock 29 17



    Buster (Wiz) 31 17

    Saber (Wiz)

    25 (Without Neo Head, 510 max)

    30 (With Neo Head, 610 max)

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  • XXBozoBunnyXx


    November 12, 2014 by XXBozoBunnyXx
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  • Undead.exe

    Cosplay (by price)

    November 9, 2014 by Undead.exe

    Cosplay organised by what I'm pricing them at.  If I've put up a post in a thread as a discount, please quote the thread and post number if they differ from here so I can confirm what I wrote.

    To view by event or for details on appearance, check User blog:Undead.exe/Cosplay (by event).


    Ghost Obakey  (1)
    Raijin Mask (1)
    Raijin Mask Perfect (1)
    Pirate Eyepatch Black/White/Red/Blue/Yellow (1 ea)
    WT/BK Sheep Horn I/II (1 ea)
    WT/BK Sheep Horn III (2 ea)

    Skull Candy L (1)
    Devil Candy L (1)
    Round Candy White R (1)
    Round Candy Black R (1)
    WishStar Wand R (1)
    Anchor Axe R (1)
    Temperance Axe (1)
    StarMetal Shield L (1)
    Raijin Conch R (1)
    Fujin Conch L (1)

    Bat Gear + Bat Wing Grey/Black/Red/Violet (1 per set)
    Hakuya + Inori + Tataki (1 mag fo…

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  • Undead.exe

    Gear Store

    November 9, 2014 by Undead.exe

    Looks as if most people prefer to use my in-game blog, so please check there for gear listings.

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  • Undead.exe


    October 23, 2014 by Undead.exe

    Name Base Stats Dead Re Meta Marimo Mi Chibs
    大地の守り Def 20 / 土 1 L1 Pilze L1 Ex Pants L1 Novice Cap L1 Ex Pants L1 Ex Pants L1
    炎の守り Def 20 / 炎 1 L1 Flower L1 Flower L1 Leather Legs L1 Flower L1 Leather Legs L1
    水の守り Def 20 / 水 1 L1 Ribbon L1 Ribbon L1 Ribbon L1 Ribbon L1 Ribbon L1
    風の守り Def 20 / 風 1 L1 Pele Hat L1 Pele Hat L1 Pele Hat L1 Pele Hat L1 Pele Hat L1
    硬質化 Def 40 L1 V Coat L1 Tunic
    L2 Spark L1 V Coat L1 Tunic L1 Tunic L1
    尖鋭 Atk 10 / P-Crit 1 L1 Kukri R
    L4 Dagger

    威力上昇 Atk 20 L2 Dragontalon
    L4 Halberd

    生命保護 HP 8 L1 Saber Vest L1 Tunic L1 Saber Vest L1 Suede Tunic L1 Mace L1
    魔染 MP 4 / 魔 1

    L1 Ex Top L1
    はりきり HP 5 / MP 2 L1 Glove R
    L1 Elemental L1 Crescent
    知の閃き INT 20

    月の加護 HP 5 / 闇 1 L1 Aiming Pants
    L1 Aiming Pants L1 Aiming Pants


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  • Undead.exe

    Special Combat Techniques

    September 17, 2014 by Undead.exe

    Non-specific class techniques

    Outside Healing Most players will have discovered that they can cast certain buffs or support magic on people outside of their party, and you've likely enjoyed going around healing or buffing random players that you've run across. "Outside healing" refers to a particular instance of this where a player (most commonly a bishop) supports another party of players engaged in a tough battle by constantly healing them from outside. While this is easy enough when you are only supporting one player, supporting four (or even more in certain rare cases) players can get troublesome for a number of reasons:

    • Tapping on a player to heal can occasionally fail
    • Players are clustered too closely together

    Obviously, the easiest sol…

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  • Undead.exe

    Forge Data

    September 5, 2014 by Undead.exe

    Note: item being forged below are Mortal Leg Guards

    • Required EXP seems to increase depending on rarity (Keenscale Jacket took significantly more EXP to forge than Dearg Plate despite the latter having more def)
    • EXP seems higher for gear which has been forged, though the exact ratio is unknown:
      • [M]Dragon Sword of Wind (LV12): 42 EXP
      • [M]Dragon Sword of Wind (LV26): 87 EXP
    • EXP appears to be the same for equipment of the same forge and rarity:
    • Unforged strange gear (used as sacrifices)
      • Some: 1008 EXP
      • Strange Kukri R: 1440 EXP
      • Strange Kukri L: 1008 EXP
      • Strange Glove R: 1440 EXP
      • Strange Glove R L20: 3024 EXP
      • Strange Claw R: 1440 EXP
      • Strange Sword: 1440 EXP
      • Strange Sword L26: 4081 EXP
      • Strange Halberd: 1440 EXP
      • Strange Large Shield: 672 EXP
    • Demonic Blade [E] rose …
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  • Undead.exe

    Pot Cost

    August 15, 2014 by Undead.exe

    1. Mystery Medicine, Fairy's Magic Med
    2. Elite Salve, Elite Magic Med
      • Least regen per min: Cold Wheat Drink, Moonlight Brew, Melted Honey Milk
      • Least pot regen per min: Advanced Salve, Junior Magic Med

    1. Junior Salve, Junior Magic Med
    2. Advanced Salve, Advanced Magic Med
      • Least mileage per rond: Mystery Medicine, Fairy's Magic Med

    1. Junior Salve, Junior Magic Med
    2. Cold Wheat Drink; Advanced Salve, Advanced Magic Med
      • Most expensive per min: Mystery Medicine, Fairy's Magic Med

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  • Undead.exe

    So I'm sure that most players will have developed certain ideas and strategies about grinding rond and potions quickly, but I've been toying with a little idea for a while. When most people form hunting parties, it's usually because everyone is going for the same quest, or to encourage cooperation rather than competition (very evident if you're hunting for Sinnamon). In either case though, all the party members are usually targeting the same monsters.

    But I've been thining for a while now: you can only do a quest as fast as its monsters respawn. Past a certain point, it doesn't matter how quickly you're killing them: even if you're annihilating a monster within three seconds, you might still need to wait 5 minutes for them to respawn. So tha…

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  • Undead.exe


    June 30, 2014 by Undead.exe

    are [gear] used by [classes]. [General Description].

    Item # Name Rarity Equip Lvl Atk Atk Spd Potential Ability Where to get



















































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  • Lox Lain

    Mini Map Mortification

    March 5, 2012 by Lox Lain

    So last week I noticed that the place names on the mini-map are from a pre-release version of EKO (we're talking summer of 2011).

    I am updating the mini-map place names so they will be in-sync with the game's dialog etc. Hopefully the corrections will be reflected in the next game update.

    I'm sorry for any confusion experienced by everybody due to the same place having different names (e.g. Ateria Plains = Arteria Plains, Outset Plains = Plains of Departure).


    Lox Lain 03:00, March 5, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Accyrsed

    Rond/Gold Farming

    March 4, 2012 by Accyrsed

    At this point I've been playing for over a month or two, but it's near impossible (or at least for me) to find any ways to earn currency. The best I can do is 500 max per hour, and I am planning for L29 equipment for all the dragon classes, which may total over 50k Rond. That means 100 hours of killing a certain type of monster, minimum, for no exp or item forge gain rate.

    By any chance does anyone know a better way? Like a way to get "Small Coin" and "Large Coin" in-game, without gaining them through an event?

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  • Accyrsed

    Event Pictures

    March 3, 2012 by Accyrsed

    I've spent some of the last three days gathering as many event items as I could find. And, this is what I managed to do: eight items, and their pictures are all taken and up on the wiki. Made my app crash MANY times, and (although I am not quite sure how) once during the screenshotting process.

    I'd like to thank Kaidah for not giving up on me, even though my app crashed almost ten times in twenty minutes last night. I find the more monsters I defeat, the chances of getting a drop increase (for this morning it took only about five to get a drop - I'd killed over 100 or so Red Hedgehogs in the previous event, but got nothing). And since that number drastically increased from last night I got the last item I'd needed.

    And for not giving up …

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  • Kaidah

    Dragon Saber! Woo!

    February 29, 2012 by Kaidah

    I finally made it! :D

    I've been home sick for a couple of days, so I've spent far too much time playing even with the server maintainance yesterday. It took me most of today, but I finished leveling up my Lancer and completed the quests to unlock the Dragon Saber Class.

    The aggressive monsters were a huge pain in the neck when completing the first quest, and the Groks and Cri Wyverns were way to hard to kill. This class had better be effing worth it. Lol.

    Oh, and if you're thinking of going solo like I did, I have one word of advice: DON'T! Seriously, bring friends. These monsters are a nightmare to kill solo at level 15. Another level 15 Buster came in while I was trying to get my last two Cri Wyvern kills, and we not only killed two of them …

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  • Accyrsed

    Events Page

    February 27, 2012 by Accyrsed

    I've just created the Events page for the wiki. It's going to take a long time to fill this with all the information it'll need...and will eventually have to be split into different pages. But for now it all can stay in the same place...makes it all easier to find.

    If you have any information you would like to add, please do so. I barely have enough for even the most recent event, let alone any earlier ones...

    Also, if anyone wouldn't mind helping with the new event, coming out when the server goes back online.

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  • Accyrsed

    Event Page

    February 27, 2012 by Accyrsed

    I'm planning to create a page for all of the past events and future events, and what monsters were fought for TP, rewards and such. I need a decent amount of information for "Hot Steel and Vile Souls" and anything behind that, since I only saw a few days of that one and was not there for any before it. The two after it, until now, I have enough to make a basic page of.

    Since I can only do two events, I figured I would make them on the same page. Give me a week or so, I should pull off the basics. I'll need whatever help I can get however.

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  • Kaidah

    I've done some major overhauls on the Dragon Lancer and Buster pages the last couple of days adding specifics on where to find them, details of the quests you must complete first and some of the class specific skills. I'll be updating the skill lists as I work my way up to level 15 in each so I can become a Dragon Saber. :)

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  • Kaidah


    February 20, 2012 by Kaidah

    I just started playing EKO a couple of days ago and when I saw how little info there was on the Dragon Classes I knew I just had to correct that. Dragons are awesome, and anytime I can play a Dragon-related character class in a game I'm all over it.

    Watch for expanding articles on each as I uncover more information.

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  • Accyrsed

    New Character Class Pages

    January 31, 2012 by Accyrsed

    Over the next few weeks, I plan to add pages based off of all the intermediate classes, namely Magiknight, Guardian, Assassin, etc. I could use some help with the pictures, however, if anyone has any pictures they can add to the pages since my game's screenshot function crashes my game and that if I add pictures of my characters only to twelve pages it will not show any variation in the community at all, if you know that I mean (?).

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  • Lox Lain

    Big Renovation

    January 26, 2012 by Lox Lain

    Spent more than half the day at work responding to EKO players on Facebook and implementing Forums to the EKO wiki.

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